About me

Macovei Stefan's photograph

I was born in a village at the foot of the Ceahlau Mountain. Living in an area where specific tools for working out wood were at hand, I have begun curving in wood since childhood. In my opinion, most of the human activities involve two aspects: trade and skill, on the one hand and creativity, on the other. Having a specific talent, a person can learn a trade at school or with a master. But creativity is a "gift" that can neither be learned, nor can it be explained and its manifestation depends on the artist's personality. The work of art is the sincere expression of a special feeling.

Sculpture is a domain where the work creation is an ongoing process of accumulation and sedimentation, by daily work and life experience. The true value of an art work can be assessed only by the lapse of time, not by the subjective impressions of the contemporaries. What really matters is that the works exhibited either in museums, or exhibitions have a positive influence on the aesthetical education, information and spiritual evolution of the art receptors. Along the time I have approached various expression techniques. I drew, I worked in clay, in gyps, I cast in bronze, I curved in wood and stone.

I made works for the theme exhibitions, sculptural monuments for the public area and studio works, in a more private environment, free from the restrictions imposed by external orders. It was this personal area where I felt free to fully express my abilities. My process of creation develops as follows. First I have an inspiration-an idea-that may come anywhere and at any moment of my life, connected to a material or spiritual experience. After reaching the essence of the idea, I transpose it in a drawing and then in a 3D piece of work.

The general message of my works of art is the achievement of the harmony of the human being with the surrounding nature and the aspiration to a cohabitation of man with all the life forms on the planet Earth. I consider this cohabitation the proper environment of the spiritual evolution of mankind in agreement with the Divine Creator of the Universe. Man's individual liberty, as much as it is, must manifest in this direction. I would be content if my works of art could influence the people's behavior in such a way.